Membership Covenant

Membership Covenant


I believe in the mission of the local church, and specifically, the mission of Crossroads. I desire to unite with and be a member of the Crossroads Christian Church family. I recognize that “church” refers to people and that the local church does nothing outside of what its members do. Therefore, as a member, I am ready to take ownership in the ministry of Crossroads.

I affirm the statement of beliefs, values, vision, and mission of Crossroads Christian Church. I have accepted the free gift of grace from Jesus and have been baptized into Him.

As a member of Crossroads I pledge to do the following:

  • I will promote and encourage community . . .
  • by acting in love toward other members and building loving relationships
  • by protecting the unity of the church and refusing to gossip
  • by following the Biblical method of conflict resolution (see Matt. 18:15-17)

I will own the mission of the church . . .

  • by finding an area to serve and give back
  • through proportionate giving, striving toward the Biblical standard of tithing
  • by praying for the church and its mission
  • by being a light in the world around me and inviting those who don’t know Christ and those without a church home to join with me in the journey

I will continue to grow spiritually . . .

  • by attending worship regularly
  • by being involved in specific activities that will strengthen and grow my relationship with Christ
  • by striving to make love the primary motivation for all I do

Knowing in advance that I am unable to do the above perfectly, but also knowing that God deserves my best, I commit to uphold this covenant for God’s sake and for the sake of His Kingdom.