Pastoral Care

Prayer & Care

Our pastors, deacons, and leaders are here to serve and support you. We have qualified leaders who can help you navigate your spiritual questions, personal crises, emergencies, life transitions, and more. If you need prayer or care from our leaders, please fill out our Prayer & Care Form and someone will reach out to you.

Pastoral Prayer & Care

Our pastors, deacons, and group leaders seek to provide the best possible pastoral care for those within our church family. This includes prayer, hospital visits, counseling, or assistance. If you need care or prayer, please let our pastors and deacons know through the Prayer & Care form linked above.

Deacon Fund

Our Deacon Fund exists to care for those in our church family who are in need. This fund assists individuals with crisis counseling, unexpected bills, groceries, and other needs as they arise. If you are experiencing extreme financial need please request assistance through our Prayer & Care form linked above.

* We cannot guarantee financial assistance for everyone who applies.

Financial Counseling

We offer courses on personal finance and one-on-one financial counseling for those who need help setting a budget, getting out of debt, saving, and giving.

Stay up to date with our upcoming events for the next personal finance course. If you need financial counseling, please fill out the Prayer & Care form linked above.

Get Help

Suicide Prevention Hotline
NYC Well Mental Health Services

NYC Well


Domestic Abuse Hotline

Safe Horizon